A Meta-Framework for Embedded System Engineering

  • UX-Model Based Design
  • AI-Enhanced Prototyping

A Meta-Engineering Framework, not a Silver Bullet

  • Based on 10 years of research on AI, Model Driven and Product Line Engineering.
  • Highly customizable end-to-end framework to improve your specific ways of building embedded systems.
  • Tailor-made languages and models to capture your systems specifications.
  • Quickly explore the most suitable designs and generate optimized software implementations.
  • AI Learning from each prototype benchmarks to improve the process.

Understand Your DNA & Environement to Propose Suitable Improvements

  • A key point of our approach is to understand why you develop systems in these specific ways.
  • Propose short/middle or long term tailor-made improvements, solutions and services.
  • Improving your tools or propose new complementary ones.
  • Collaboration Opportunities with world-class universities are possible.